Health Care

  • In 2009, 19.5% of Harris County children were uninsured 127% of Harris County children live in poverty and 26% of Texas children do1
  • In 2009, Texas was 49th in the nation for uninsured children with 16% of children not receiving any type of health coverage 186% of low income children and 53% of poor children have parents who never graduated from high school1
  • In 2010, only slightly more than half of pregnant women in Harris County received early prenatal care (starting medical care in the first trimester of pregnancy and continuing care until delivery)1
  • 8.8% of babies born in Harris County in 2010 were classified as low birth weight, up from 7.4% in 20001
  • About 61% of children served at school based clinics do not have any type of health care coverage and the remaining 39% are children who would not obtain health care due to transportation issues, parents who cannot afford to miss work for a doctor visit, high private insurance deductibles, or simply lack of parental involvement1
  • Texas currently ranks 42nd in the ratio of physicians to population (68 per 100,000 compared with U.S. average of 81 per 100,000)
  • 3 out of 4 Texas counties are designated as Health Professions Shortage Areas

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