• Quality early education increases school readiness and contributes to better student academic outcomes, especially in children of low socioeconomic status1
  • Texas Pre-K programs have lost $223 million in recent education budget cuts and as a result many full day Pre-K programs have been reduced to half-day programs or eliminated entirely1
  • The number of national accredited child care providers operating in Harris County has decreased over 70% since 20061
  • 51.8% of Harris County students were identified as at risk of dropping out in 20111
  • The 4-year graduation rate for the 2006-2007 first time freshman cohort was 68.9% in Harris County, while the national high school graduation rate is 75.5%1
  • High school dropouts face limited earning potential, a higher likelihood of committing crime, and a shorter life span1
  • Research shows that the road to dropping out can begin as early as the 3rd grade, with an especially strong link between 3rd grade reading skills and graduation1
  • In 2009, the unemployment rate for dropouts was 15.4% compared to 9.4% for high school graduates and 4.7% for those with a Bachelor’s degree1
  • In 2011, it was reported that 65.4% of students enrolled in Harris County public schools were economically disadvantaged1
  • While 54% of Greater Houston students will enter college, only about 19% of Texas students will complete college1

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