Early Childhood Education and Parenting

Parenting a Child with ADHD

A collection of easy to read resources for parents of children with ADHD and how they can assist their children to succeed.


Tips for Parents and Caregivers


Parenting a Child with ADHD (English)

Homework Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD (English)

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Texas Medicaid and CHIP Medical Transportation Program

The Medical Transportation Program sets up non-emergency rides for people who have no other way to get to their Medicaid health-care visits. This includes people with Medicaid, children who get services through the Children with Special Health Care Needs program, and people in the Transportation of Indigent Cancer Patients program. The program does not set up rides in an ambulance, even for non-emergency purposes, but the program can pay back (reimburse) someone who uses their personal car to drive a Medicaid member to and from their Medicaid-related health visit.